The Way Things Go / Narrative Short / 2018

Producer, First Assistant Director

Directed and written by Sofia Anastassiou

G. PH. IOANNIDES (TRIKOMITIS) / Multimedia installation / 2017

Video component of G. Ph. Ioannides (Trikomitis) multimedia installation about the fate of material and digital artifacts after death. First exhibited at the Old Powerhouse, Paphos (July 4 - 31 2017) as part of the European Capital of Culture Paphos 2017 programming. 

LAY ME DOWN / Music Video / 2017

Music video for Cyprus-based band Black Anis. 
Directed, edited & produced by Argyro Nicolaou & Silvio A. Rusmigo

PROTARAS / Short Film / in post-production

An observational film about a family enjoying the summer holidays at the coastal resort of Protaras, Cyprus. 


IN HALF / Short Film (Fiction) / 2015 

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus - Official Selection, National Competition
NYC Chain Film Festival 2016 - Best Experimental/Art House Short

An eccentric artist creates a work of art that is slammed by critics. She doesn't understand what's so wrong with it, but not everyone sees the glass half full.

FLORENTINE GIRL / Documentary Short / 2015

Filmed at Skylight Studios, Woburn MA, this film explores the plaster doubles of European art's most famous works.