I, TONY / Documentary Short / 2019

Director, Producer

Now 85, a once famous yet still ambitious fashion photographer dreams of making a biopic based on his life but struggles with losing creative control to the two female filmmakers that are up for the task.

The Way Things Go / Narrative Short / 2018

Producer, First AD
Directed and written by Sofia Anastassiou

A young woman struggling with depression becomes obsessed with building a Rube Goldberg machine that helps her cling to life even as it threatens to harm her. The film pays homage to the 1987 video art work of the same name by Peter Fischli and David Weiss.

G. PH. IOANNIDES (TRIKOMITIS) / Multimedia installation / 2017

Filmmaker, Editor

Video component of multimedia installation about the fate of material and digital artifacts after death. Exhibited at the Old Powerhouse, Paphos (July 4 - 31 2017) as part of the European Capital of Culture.

LAY ME DOWN / Music Video / 2017

Director, Producer, Editor

Music video for Cyprus-based band Black Anis. 

PROTARAS / Short Film / in post-production

Filmmaker, Editor

An observational film about a family enjoying the summer holidays at the coastal resort of Protaras, Cyprus. 


IN HALF / Short Film (Fiction) / 2015 

Director, Producer, Writer

International Short Film Festival of Cyprus - Official Selection, National Competition
NYC Chain Film Festival 2016 - Best Experimental/Art House Short

An eccentric artist creates a work of art that is slammed by critics. She doesn't understand what's so wrong with it, but not everyone sees the glass half full.

FLORENTINE GIRL / Documentary Short / 2015

Filmmaker, Editor

Filmed at Skylight Studios, Woburn MA, this film explores the plaster doubles of European art's most famous works.